Thursday, April 28, 2011

maaf, kami xsengaja keluar . M.A.A.F

yet, we go out n having fun after the best ever exam in our life (maybe). n every1 shud respect us. why ? bcause we can do nothing in our 4 hour paper. and freely sedekah 40 marks. but after 4 stupid hr, we stil cn hv fun . believe or not, we are the scorer of the batch . muahahahaha. thats why we  HAVE FUN . i repeat, HAVE FUN !!! thats wat we call "mangkuk xsedar diri". ok lets hv a look wat the "mangkok-magkok" have done.

place : KL kota sosial
pictures:  huda

bertukarr!!!! buy the new one n cepat2 sarungkan kat kpla. dis fashion done while waiting for others.

z00m-BIE . 

cuba meniru aksi artis sedangkan kami cuma tukang cuci .
totally different (lefts only, rite is rite)

the cermin ajaib. niat utk begambar tu xde.
tp cermin ni nanges2 mintak amek gmbr .

the senget-benget muka 

she's trying... but Bfore she tried, she already noted that

4 model keretapi bawah tanah. haha

do pay here people's or i'll kill u !!!

P/S: do love this tone. its shows that im happi. thanks to sister for pashmina :) . 
n frends, see u again in next paper. do enjoy urself. 
TQ .


  1. chantek! gmbr. bukan ko. ;P

    -zetty zienta-

  2. chantek! model. bukan ko ;P

    ~solihah santek~

  3. wahh..great job solyhah.:)
    ur blog become more stunning n for sure yeah. that the color of happiness..
    keep it up! yea!\m/..
    <3 ajimato <3

  4. oh yeahhhh ... sikit2 lama2 jadi gunung..
    TQ TQ TQ . :) itu y kita mahu . ehe